A worker at the Roure perfume plant in Grasse, France, scoops up the morning’s rose harvest at the end of May. These rose petals will be processed immediately into an absolute, the aromatic liquid which is the basic component of perfume; photographed by Michael Freeman

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so i was just testing my camera settings and my shutter speed was pretty low and i accidentaly took this but now i kind of dig it ha ha
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Anonymous: Do you not like After?

I read the first book and found it entertaining enough to start reading the second but then all the same drama kept repeating itself and that Tessa chick annoyed me to the bone I couldn’t stand her. So I’ve read the first book and half of the second.
She’s a good chicklit writer but that’s it. The story is entertaining, but the plot is extremely weak. Turning that book into a movie is in my opinion, a waste of money. And honestly, fanfiction being turned into a movie is just plain creepy to me.
Writing fanfiction with explicit content is one thing, turning fanfiction with explicit content into a movie is another.
Don’t get me wrong though, I personally love fanfiction. Some people just take themselves a little too serious. I mean It’s still a fanfiction where a punk Harry Styles fucks an ‘innocent’ girl’s brain out, not a literary miracle.

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my curiosity got the better of me so I watched the You And I video and I now hate myself deeply

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Anonymous: The banana bag is a very good choice! Also I like how the covers of the books you bought kind of match, with their single, misty colors.

Thank youuu, I like it a lot. Hadn’t even noticed the book covers looked alike until you mentioned it omg, even my subconsciousness is perfectionistic wow how disturbing.

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Anonymous: spare urself and dont watch it omg

Yeahhh I’m not going to watch it; an almost literal wave of black negativity washed over me when I first heard the song. A video to match it with would only worsen the ‘pain’ x91736261.

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Anonymous: Is that really true?? The whole After things being turned into a moviee???

I god damn hope not, just the thought makes me cringe.

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Anonymous: what do you think about the new music video? and about the song? :)

I’m scared to watch it lmao

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