We were walking around the city, our hands wrapped around wine glasses filled with blueberry vodka

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I wish you knew of all the pages in my journal that I’ve written full of you.
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I fucking love you but you can’t even look at me.
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I just discovered an online street fashion store called ROMWE.COM and it’s absolutely amazing. Here’s a pair of my favourite shoes:

Mesh Panel Black Sandals

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"Oh god, what have you done to me?" He sighed.

"Nothing," she said. "I’ve been merely breathing."

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Even though I long for you with every fiber in my body, the gasoline in my veins is better off without the fire in your heart.
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CHOIES.COM- Boyfriend Distressed Ankle Jeans
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Don’t be frightened when you wake up hearing the moon call your name, for I talk about you every night and am no longer the only one crazy about you.
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- Dog Head Shaped Pink Bag
- Dog Head Shaped White Bag

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The good kind of pain

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If you don’t want to die unaccomplished, you won’t.

'Something I Often Remind Myself Of' by Pien Pouwels  (via oceanflowerbird)

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Black Embossed Skull Clutch Bag With Shoulder Strap
- Letter Print Clutch Bag In Black

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