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Anonymous: I hope you have a wonderful day, you lovely human.

Ily bby

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I went to Alaska once. It was wonderful.
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Anonymous: Would you ever come to Cardiff?

Sure! Seems lovely :)

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Anonymous: Goooood my life sucks

Maybe it does right now, but tomorrow’s a new day.

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Anonymous: Is it normal to think about death and killing yourself on a daily basis? Lately all i can think about is putting a gun under my chin and pulling the trigger... am i okay?

My psychiatrist told me that as long as you don’t take steps to actually kill yourself, it’s okay to think about bad things sometimes. Curiosity is healthy. Everything has its limits though so please be careful you don’t take it too far.
But really, I’m just some kid, not a professional. So you’ll have to judge for yourself whether you’re ok or not.

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Anonymous: why don't you believe ni God?

There might have been a god or gods a thousand years ago, but they’re long gone. If there was someone watching over us, he or she would have never let humanity destroy the planet, kill themselves and each other. The world is too fucked up to be watched by some god.
I’ve seen and been through too much to believe someone’s watching my every move, and protecting me from all the bad in this world. Because after all, how is one going to protect me from myself?
(Note: this is my opinion)

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